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3 Benefits of a Fractional Salesforce Team

Jul 05 · 5 min read

We are often asked “What are the Practical Benefits of a Fractional Salesforce Team?”

We can tell you that, in the day and age we live in, a Fractional Salesforce Team is an invaluable part of an organization’s technology strategy and there are 3 main benefits such a team can deliver.


Fractional Salesforce Team Benefit 1:


We’ve touched on this briefly already, but the cost benefit is one that shouldn’t be treated lightly. According to SHRM, unemployment is at levels not seen in over half a century and wage and recruitment expenses are soaring so, organizations need to look for alternative solutions that don’t involve “just adding more bodies.” When you consider the increasing costs of salaries, benefits, and hiring (in both time and money) and then extrapolate those out for an entire team of Salesforce-certified experts, you’re looking at months of searching as you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to find and hire the right candidates.

Additionally, Zippia found that 74% of all Salesforce Admins leave their current jobs in the first two years of employment. This means that if you can’t maintain competitiveness in your pay AND benefits AND if you can’t keep the team busy with “cool” or “exciting” projects, they’ll leave, and you’ll be right back to square one with your search and all those costs.


Fractional Salesforce Team Benefit 2:

No Need to Educate Your Internal Team

From the HR team trying to hire the best candidates to an IT team already busy with maintaining legacy systems, the last thing anyone needs is to have to learn not only what makes the perfect Salesforce team for your organization but also how to hire for it.

It can take weeks to study for and pass just one Salesforce certification exam (assuming you actually pass it on the first try). And the costs associated with that training and the exam fees add up quickly.

With a Fractional Salesforce Team in place, you know your Salesforce team is regularly put through rigorous training and constant updates to maintain their expensive Salesforce certifications. That means HR and IT can focus on what they already do best, and you look good to management.


Fractional Salesforce Team Benefit 3:

Speed-of-Execution / Knowledge Transfer

When you have an internal Salesforce team working on a complex, custom solution for your organization, you know what happens if a team member gets sick or takes vacation. Things slow down or stop. With a Fractional Salesforce Team, there are multiple people in each expertise which means, if someone steps back, another expert can step forward to keep things running smoothly and stay on timeline and budget.

Your organization will also benefit from the cross-project / cross-industry collaboration and experience that only comes when those Fractional Salesforce experts work together and discuss your needs, share ideas about the best practice solutions that will best meet your needs.

theCodery is your preferred Fractional Salesforce Team

A hands-off approach won’t serve organizations looking to drive efficiency, improve processes, and grow sales with Salesforce. And neither will the costs and time associated with hiring your own internal team. But as your CRM platform becomes a central part of your business strategy, you’ll need Salesforce-certified experts to ensure it consistently performs at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

That’s where theCodery’s Fractional Salesforce Team can help!

Whether you simply need help managing your day-to-day Salesforce operations or you’re looking for uniquely skilled resources to handle long-term, complex tasks like multi-cloud integrations and custom configurations, we have a wide variety of experts standing by to ensure your CRM is performing to your exact needs and expectations!

Contact us to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation today!

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