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5 Reasons to Partner with a Salesforce Certified PDO

Feb 08 · 5 min read

If your business is looking for new ways to add value to your existing customer base or create a new revenue stream with Salesforce AppExchange, you are also probably looking for ways to generate ROI quickly. Whether you are at the beginning of your Independent Software Vendor (ISV) journey or deep into researching development options, this blog shines a light on the benefits of partnering with a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) and why it’s useful to focus exclusively on Salesforce Certified PDOs.

PRO TIP:  If you are just getting started and are not familiar with what a PDO is (or is not), we recommend you start with What Is A Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) and then come back to this post.  If you already have some familiarity with PDOs, let’s go! 

Most organizations we speak with are familiar with Salesforce, but their teams may lack the expertise to build new products specifically for Salesforce’s AppExchange.  Even if these organizations have highly skilled product management and development teams, they typically need an experienced Salesforce Certified Product Development Outsource partner by their side. Salesforce Certified Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) are consulting partners that Salesforce has certified to deliver applications that will be distributed/sold in the AppExchange.  They have the depth of experience and skill sets to develop 3rd party applications that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce’s popular and growing ecosystem. The goal of a strategic PDO partner is to help you get your solution to market fast and with lower costs than going it alone. Beyond timing and costs, there are a plethora of considerations when building and launching a product in AppExchange and this is where partnering with a Certified Product Development Outsourcer adds great value. An experienced Salesforce Certified PDO brings their extensive Salesforce, industry-specific, and cloud-specific expertise to the table. This, in turn, ensures your solution is architected properly to drive immediate business value while also being scalable for future growth. A Salesforce Certified PDO can also closely evaluate and recommend changes to and ISV’s internal processes and workflows to improve and ensure long-term customer usability and satisfaction.

Now that you have a better understanding of what an experienced Salesforce Certified PDO is, let’s unpack some of the key benefits an Independent Software Vendor, like you, receives by working with a PDO, like theCodery.

  • Very specific Salesforce expertise: Your internal development team may be highly skilled but their ability to get your solution to market fast can easily be negatively impacted by the myriad other competing IT priorities your organization has. With an experienced PDO partner, you can avoid costly delays and time-consuming mistakes by adding temporary, app-centric, and experienced development resources to your arsenal.  This also allows your internal team to stay focused on your core business needs.  We get brought into clients sometimes when their AppExchange project has stalled or failed AppExchange’s security review (many times more than once). Since PDOs focus on Salesforce and are already working with the Salesforce AppExchange team, they are able to help you design, build, and deliver an end product that will have a better shot at passing security review the first time without incurring the months of delays a security review failure creates.
  • Experience with the entire product lifecycle: Salesforce Certified Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) can help you at every stage of your product journey.  We recommended bringing one in as early as possible to help you scope the architecture you need to help your product achieve high-adoption. At the project outset, PDOs can help you understand the market and how your product can stand out within AppExchange. They can also incorporate user experience and Salesforce development best practices that your team may not be aware of during the production phase. Finally, they can advise you on the best ways to market your app in the AppExchange to ensure the highest levels of brand awareness.
  • Establishing product-market fit & customer adoption: Salesforce Certified Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) have relationships within Salesforce’s internal ISV teams and can advise you on the best ways to align with the Salesforce product management. Specifically, a strategic PDO will help you evaluate your product-market-fit specifically within AppExchange and then develop your app to be a “must have” addition to the Salesforce ecosystem.  Your PDO partner can also help you expedite your time-to-market with deep experience in navigating the complexity of the Salesforce ecosystem from internal sales teams, legal, and security. This “inside track” perspective can be invaluable as it can increase adoption and ultimately the success of your product within AppExchange.
  • Get the architecture right from the get-go: Your app’s architecture is one of its most important aspects and many architectural decisions need to be made early.  If it is architected well, your app will be secure, stable, and easily scalable so that it can drive incremental business value for customers.  If your app’s architecture doesn’t meet these expectations, it can lead to unplanned future development costs, poor customer adoption, and ultimately, the product will not deliver the ROI you need. The right PDO can help you eliminate costly mistakes by leveraging proven ISV architecture patterns that will perform in any Salesforce org.
  • Last but not least, the security review: Part of the value of partnering with a Certified PDO is their Salesforce and AppExchange-specific acumen. The security review process can be murky at best for newbies, but luckily experienced PDOs will know how to navigate it. Leveraging their knowledge of previous app reviews, a Certified PDO team will be able anticipate issues and develop your app with the expected best practices already baked in, so your security review experience should feel more like a speed bump than a roadblock.


Now that you have a clearer understanding of the benefits of a Certified Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer, we would love to hear the goals and plans for your new app! We offer free initial consultations for all prospective PDO clients and would be happy to help you succeed on the Salesforce AppExchange. However, if you are still interested in more insight on PDOs and how they can add value to your app development, we recommend reading this post for even more information. Finally, if you’d like to better understand theCodery’s process for developing apps for ISV clients, we provide more detail here.

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theCodery has a proven track record of solving problems and streamlining complexity in the Salesforce ecosystem for ISVs. Over 90 ISV clients have experienced a shorter time-to-market and lower costs to launch with theCodery’s PDO services. To schedule your free consultation, please click here!

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