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Begin Your Salesforce AppExchange Journey with theCodery

Dec 21 · 3 min read

The two keywords that come to mind when it comes to business are customer experience and productivity. But how can someone be productive in a world getting increasingly flooded with different digital distractions? As this problem persists, many companies need more solutions—solutions that optimize time so you aren’t constantly multitasking or looking for scattered important data.

When you start a small business, you quickly realize how valuable your time is and how little of it you seem to have. You start viewing tasks as opportunity trade-offs and you go from being very DIY to questioning “how much is my time worth?” and “is it worth more than what I could pay someone to do this?” The longer we’ve been in business, the more we have realized how important technology like Salesforce is organizing data & automating processes to save you time.

The AppExchange is constantly releasing new apps that are helpful to help employees be more productive. Apps like Lucidchart can be used to make flowcharts for presentations, while RingCentral allows the user to employ small business phone features on their personal computer.  Companies have completely changed their business models and revenue trajectory with a product offering through the AppExchange.  Many have been able to do this by simply customizing their product, then integrating it in the Salesforce AppExchange.

That’s why you should hire theCodery to take full advantage of Salesforce’s capabilities. Let us help you build products and solutions, in addition to leveraging innovative apps from AppExchange. These improvements to your process may seem small at first, but they lead to big, business-transforming results and better experiences for your customers.

About The AppExchange

The Appexchange is a cloud-based marketplace for enterprise-level app developers, enabling them to provide a much-needed ecosystem for enterprise-scale businesses.

Before AppExchange was developed, if you wanted to use Salesforce, it cost $45-$55 per user per month depending on your region. Today, with some Salesforce features, you can do everything in the app for free. Just take a look at all the productivity-enhancing and useful apps available for free.

Benefits Of Salesforce’s AppExchange

One of the biggest advantages of AppExchange is that you have access to what many consider to be the best selection of solutions that serve your needs. You can sort the database based on vendor, category, use cases, programming languages, even mobile platforms.Because AppExchange is a forum for third-party developers and buyers, all information is transparent and open. This enables all buyers, from small business owners and developers to enterprise solutions teams, to access exactly what they are looking for.

By using AppExchange, you can drive meaningful business results fast and extend Salesforce from anywhere. Did you know that AppExchange is used by 91% of Salesforce customers and 100% of the Fortune 100? In fact, all apps on AppExchange go through a security review process to ensure they meet our highest security standards.

AppExchange also saves you time so you can solve business challenges quickly. Instead of building from scratch and investing in high-cost development, you can save time and resources by installing an app or using a certified Salesforce consultant like theCodery to help you build one.

How theCodery Can Help You During Your Journey to the Salesforce AppExchange

So you came up with a great concept for an app on AppExchange. How do you get it on AppExchange?  theCodery will assist you in your journey to get listed on the AppExchange with one additional goal in mind – to get you through security review on the first pass! Appexchange’s collection of tools is far more extensive than your standard set of Salesforce apps. This is the perfect time to build out a business toolbox and turn it into a powerful technology arsenal that you can take with you everywhere you go.

theCodery has developed a robust project roadmap from experience with building apps on the AppExchange and shepherding our clients through to get their app(s) listed. This means that we can take a practical approach to support the needs of our clients.

About theCodery

You can achieve rapid speed-to-market, meaningful user engagement, and high growth for your Salesforce AppExchange product by leveraging our proven delivery methodology, deep Salesforce architecture expertise, and holistic approach to the product life cycle.

  • Extend your product into the Salesforce ecosystem to reach a new market with a partner that helps you find the perfect product-market fit.
  • Launch a successful business or channel with a custom product designed with clear objectives and natively built on Salesforce.
  • Drive customer adoption by ensuring a seamless Salesforce user experience that scales with your growth.
  • Expedite your time to market by choosing a partner with deep experience in navigating the complexity of the Salesforce ecosystem- product, sales relationships, legal, and technology.
  • Eliminate costly and fatal mistakes by leveraging proven ISV architecture patterns that will perform in any Salesforce org.
  • Ensure a successful go-to-market strategy with Salesforce product management and field alignment.
  • Pass the Salesforce ISV Security Review with ease and help you meet compliance.


theCodery builds Salesforce products that will delight your customers through better self-service, automation, integration, and deeper engagement in Marketing, Sales, and Service processes. theCodery has a 5-star review on Salesforce AppExchange because our clients have seen a reduced time-to-market, a lower cost of product development, and a seamless customer experience in the end product.

To learn more about theCodery, contact us here.

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