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Dreamforce 2019: Presenting, Certifying, Eating, Drinking, and Being Merry

Dec 12 · 5 min read

Nearly three weeks have passed since we returned home from Dreamforce 2019, and it is safe to say… we’re still recovering and basking in the glow.

Dreamforce is all the excitement and more it lives up to be. 171,000+ attendees, miles and miles of conference rooms and parties, and all the fantastic amenities San Francisco have to bring. Here’s a short, sweet summary of our experience. We’d love to hear about yours in the comments below.

Presenting Killer Health Cloud Solutions at Dreamforce

Salesforce granted us the deep honor and privilege to share some of our lessons learned by designing cross-cloud solutions for Health Cloud. Our friends at Paladina Health joined us in sharing their use case of the design pattern we highlighted.

No matter what your role or use of Salesforce is, there are many fantastic opportunities to share your expertise and soak in the expertise of others to broaden and deepen your platform knowledge. Salesforce is a gigantic beast of a platform – I’m learning something new every single day.

I learned a TON from many others at Salesforce. It was like a concentrated, intense semester of college packed into a week of seminars and sessions.

Certification Insanity

So, I had the brilliant idea to catch up (finally, after many, many years of neglect) on SIX CERTIFICATION EXAMS IN THREE DAYS. Sure, it sounds nice, in theory, to take advantage of half-off fees and cram this into a short period of time.

I would probably never do this again, however. Unless you are sincerely a glutton for punishment and have enough experience to feel confident to do this, sure, drown yourself in the study material, trailheads, and playground orgs for at least 2 – 3 months to prepare.

This worked enough for me, but the stress that came with it was heavy. I was able to lean on my experience, to an extent, but there’s quite a bit on the platform that even deep experience doesn’t cover because there are SO MANY FEATURES. I liked how the Data Architecture and Sharing & Visibility exams shared a bit of material and crossed over, but each of the others I took required absorbing a compendium of knowledge on their own.

Moral of the story: maybe (a big fat MAYBE) tackle 2 – 3 at most at a time to save your sanity, and make sure you give yourself plenty of runways to cover this. Covering more is risky and stressful, but clearly doable. If I can do it, I am sure anybody can.

Do the Things in SF that You Can ONLY Do in SF

As much as I love my hometown (Charleston, SC, Condé Nast’s top tourist destination for 8 consecutive years), we don’t have a Chinatown (and thus true dim sum), scooters, the fantastic Pacific coast views, and amenities you can find only in San Francisco. Just make sure you watch where you step, else you’ll be scrubbing off your shoes quite a bit.

Soak it all in. San Francisco was a fantastic host with much to offer. I could have stayed for many more weeks just to eat, drink, and play around town.

Salesforce is a Religion, Not a Cult

Borrowing these words from Dr. Tim Osbon, our in-house Medical and Life Sciences advisor, it was a thrill to connect with other folks in the ecosystem (go ahead and have another drink, Tim).

Especially for Tim, who’s newly (and now officially) initiated to the world of Salesforce, it’s an experience to see the energy around Salesforce. All that Salesforce has to offer – from geeking out on the platform and products themselves, to equality, to sustainability, to true personal, social, and corporate responsibility – it’s no wonder so many people are so passionate about this ecosystem (have another drink).

Dreamforce delivers all the energy, worship, and geekiness you’d come to expect just by watching the publicity afar. The in-person experience is a thrill – going to Dreamforce invigorates the fun spirit in the work we do and the joy we share.

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