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High-Performing Retail and Consumer Goods Companies use Salesforce to Scale

Jul 06 · 5 min read

In the modern era of consumerism, the way we shop for and acquire goods in the marketplace changes frequently, often without warning. Within the last year, we’ve seen drastic and swift changes in consumer behavior due to the widespread COVID-19 interrupting the way consumers connect with their favorite brands and service providers. The very way we make purchases changed seemingly overnight. The organizations that survived this change used technology and rapid adoption methodologies to meet their target audiences in a new way.

Stepping back from the pandemic as a unique scenario, Retail and Consumer Goods organizations have leveraged technology for decades since the Dot-Com boom to attract customers, fulfill orders, and repeat this process across as many consumers as possible. However, the modern consumer has the power of technology, unlike any time we’ve seen before to make data-driven decisions when choosing a product or service. Additionally, the modern consumer has different expectations for how they interact with your organization through the purchasing process and when things do not work as expected with your support teams.

When choosing the right combination of technology to use to support your customers and prospects throughout their journey, you should consider a technology that can grow and scale as your business evolves over time, can be adapted to evolve with every stage of the consumer life cycle over time and has a focus on providing a unique experience to connect prospects to your brand. While there are many combinations of technologies and software that can be used to meet your needs, there is one provider in common between successful and high-performing Retail and Consumer Goods organizations, Salesforce.

Salesforce is a Technology Platform that has evolved over time from a powerful CRM into an end-to-end business process management platform that supports companies of all shapes and sizes with operational excellence. Some of these customers are your favorite retail organizations! The reason why Salesforce is an excellent fit for these organizations and brands is that Salesforce is dedicated to providing users access to the Customer 360, the full view of the entire customer life cycle.

To provide an accurate list of all of the ways that High Performing Retail and Consumer Goods companies use Salesforce I’d need a much bigger page. However, here are the top 5 ways we see Salesforce technology used in these organizations:


Lead Management and Prospect Engagement

Leverage Salesforce Sales Cloud to support your prospects from the moment they enter the interest on your website throughout the entire sales cycle. This includes notifying your Sales and Customer Success teams of an interesting prospect, providing your prospects with relevant material and information throughout the buying journey, and ensuring customer success throughout the life of the customer’s engagement with your organization.


Marketing Cloud for Automated Prospect Interaction

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an Intelligent Marketing Automation platform that allows organizations to follow prospects throughout the entire consumer life cycle to provide relevant messaging to consumers based on their needs and activity. Marketing Cloud allows organizations to contact customers and prospects where they are at based on their preferences such as SMS, push notifications, Email, and much more!


Pipeline Management

Retail and Consumer Goods organizations have different ways and means of tracking pipelines. Some of these organizations have short sales cycles that require a high degree of automation for opportunity management, and others have much longer sales cycles and require a higher degree of guided selling and long-term nurture engagement to keep prospects interested in your goods and services.



Salesforce Service Cloud helps businesses retain their customers and keep them happy when issues or questions arise! Service Cloud allows you to answer your customer’s key problems from various channels such as phone, email, web, and even social media! Service cloud leverages automation to ensure that the right service rep is assigned to the right case at the right time!



Building a dedicated Community for your brand is a crucial element to long-term customer engagement and success! One of the most popular ways we see Retail and Consumer Goods Organizations use Salesforce Experience Cloud is called a “Customer Community”. These communities leverage topics where your customers can have conversations about specific topics, review knowledge articles about your product and services and interact on a deeply personal level with your brand.

As Salesforce continues to grow and expand, we are seeing additional enhancements every release to continue to provide value to Retail and Consumer Goods organizations. New additions to the Salesforce product suite such as Integration with Mulesoft and Analytics with Tableau and Einstein Analytics continue to boost Salesforce as a one-stop platform for organizations of all shapes and sizes, like Retail and Consumer Goods.


theCodery understands the challenges in modern tech stacks. We have developed a personalized approach for each Salesforce Cloud implementation while leveraging our deep been-there-done-that and best-practice expertise to ensure you get the most value from your Salesforce deployment.  We take an agile approach with all development, optimization, and integration projects.  Whether you are trying to broaden your engineering and development capabilities, reduce technical debt, integrate tools you are unfamiliar with, or create new applications, theCodery has a proven track record of solving problems and streamlining complexity.

If you have any questions for theCodery about our team, our process, or the clients, please reach out to us at:

theCodery: Accelerate your time-to-value on Salesforce with a trusted partner that delivers scalable architectures that are tailored to delight your customers.

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