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“I Hate Salesforce” Series Pt. 2

Jul 27 · 5 min read

The Problem: Marketing Automation and Salesforce

Things that can stand in the way of Salesforce success involve proper CRM implementation, vision, and strategy. But, Salesforce isn’t always great for all of your needs, especially in the context of marketing automation. “Just because Salesforce can do something, doesn’t mean it should. Sometimes having two systems is the better way to go.”  Let’s be honest here – Salesforce is NOT the best tool for marketing automation. Tools like Marketing Cloud and Pardot work much better for marketing purposes. Yes, these are different tools: their own applications. They require their own licensing, setup, and maintenance.

However, they integrate beautifully into Salesforce, provide complementary capabilities, and the overall solution automates a significant proportion of work (if not all) that is done manually today. There is measurable, clear, and significant Return on Investment (ROI) for growing companies. When your users are focusing on conversations with humans rather than making sure the data in two or more applications (or worse, in Excel sheets) are the same, your business shifts dramatically into high growth and scale mode.

The Problem: Accounting and Project Management in Salesforce

Likewise, Salesforce isn’t great for project management or accounting purposes either. There are just simply things Salesforce cannot do as well as niched, mature applications. This is where you need to consider integrations, so you can use Salesforce as the hub to see and manage all your information in one place.

The key to solving these problems is to work with a partner who can not only guide the best use of Salesforce but also integrate other apps appropriately. You might find a nice AppExchange application that fits the bill, or you may find that simply creating a connection between what you’re using today and Salesforce makes the most sense.

Don’t know which is best? Your Salesforce partner has seen this scenario hundreds, if not thousands, of times. You can always “do it yourself” for the first time, but that may incur bigger, unintended consequences that you did not (and frankly cannot) foresee. Wouldn’t it just be simpler to hire an expert, get it done right, and get it done quickly, with minimal risk of having to fix what was built later?

The Problem: Lack of In-house Salesforce Knowledge

Another huge problem with Salesforce users is the ones who don’t really know what they are doing. They have a lack of IT system knowledge and aren’t prepared to admit that they aren’t very technical with Salesforce. Non-technical folks can make the problem much bigger than it was in the first place. 

People who have been working on Salesforce for a few years can attest, in concert, that Salesforce is a tricky platform to build on at scale. What seems simple to “click and configure” can turn into a mess you get stuck with overtime if you don’t know what you’re doing, and this can be a very costly problem to solve.

It’s important to work with a partner if you don’t have this expertise in-house. Salesforce partners, like us, often fix these broken implementations for clients when they have these issues. These problems can be avoided by fully consulting users before starting a project and by using systems that are not overly complicated. Overly-complicated systems point to terrible architecture and design in Salesforce and especially for its users.

A solid partner will guide you in setting up an intuitive, automated system that is easy to maintain. They will give you training and guidance on governance, resourcing, and best practices to maintain this very important appliance that runs mission-critical business processes for you.


theCodery understands the challenges in modern tech stacks. We have developed a personalized approach for each Salesforce Cloud implementation while leveraging our deep been-there-done-that and best-practice expertise to ensure you get the most value from your Salesforce deployment.  We take an agile approach with all development, optimization, and integration projects.  Whether you are trying to broaden your engineering and development capabilities, reduce technical debt, integrate tools you are unfamiliar with, or create new applications, theCodery has a proven track record of solving problems and streamlining complexity.

If you have any questions for theCodery about our team, our process, or the clients, please reach out to us at:

theCodery: Accelerate your time-to-value on Salesforce with a trusted partner that delivers scalable architectures that are tailored to delight your customers.

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