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“I Hate Salesforce” Series Pt. 3

Aug 04 · 5 min read

How can we change your mindset, and why should you give Salesforce another try?

There are several reasons why people end up choosing to stay with Salesforce rather than giving another CRM a try. One of these reasons is because Salesforce is the top CRM on the market. Salesforce has a high retention rate, high sales numbers, and has the best customer satisfaction from users who are properly implementing their CRMs. “If you want a CRM company that isn’t going to fold in 3 years, that’s going to offer good support and have tons of partners that can help you, Salesforce is unmatched.”

The reality is, this platform has the most comprehensive, deepest capabilities to enable your sales, service, and business operations to handle a large volume and velocity of information seamlessly at scale. Look at Salesforce’s competitors, like Microsoft, Oracle, Zoho, and others – you’ll find quickly a massive set of gaps in these applications and platforms that drive up your development and maintenance costs, just to get to parity with Salesforce. These kinds of investments are not necessary on a platform that already has it all.

In fact, many of us developers flipped from these competitor platforms to Salesforce, precisely because we can do so much more on Salesforce than we can on any other platform. For you, this translates to immediate, realizable business value and ROI. Salesforce is just simply light years ahead of the rest.

Further, it is not likely you’ll ever need to use all of Salesforce’s capabilities, but they are there should you have a need. You may not know that Salesforce usually and often does have fantastic solutions for a given business use case or problem. In fact, many solutions – it’s often a choice of what makes the most sense for a given scenario.

Oftentimes, people just don’t know what’s available and how to use it. Working with a partner will get you to this quicker, much cheaper than fumbling around on your own. You may find at times it’s hard to work with Salesforce. Maybe the sales process is unclear – what are you buying exactly? Maybe support is not solving your problem easily – what is the problem? How do you solve it exactly?

Our solution? Talk to a Salesforce partner. Sales and service from Salesforce are scoped around specific objectives, whereas we, as a Salesforce partner, are here to help you much more comprehensively. It’s our business.

Still hate Salesforce? More power to you – we’d love to hear more. Drop a comment here or contact us – we’d love to explore this topic further.


theCodery understands the challenges in modern tech stacks. We have developed a personalized approach for each Salesforce Cloud implementation while leveraging our deep been-there-done-that and best-practice expertise to ensure you get the most value from your Salesforce deployment.  We take an agile approach with all development, optimization, and integration projects.  Whether you are trying to broaden your engineering and development capabilities, reduce technical debt, integrate tools you are unfamiliar with, or create new applications, theCodery has a proven track record of solving problems and streamlining complexity.

If you have any questions for theCodery about our team, our process, or the clients, please reach out to us at:

theCodery: Accelerate your time-to-value on Salesforce with a trusted partner that delivers scalable architectures that are tailored to delight your customers.

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