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Jump Into Success With The Salesforce Spring Release ‘22

Jan 10 · 5 min read

Thrice a year, Salesforce updates its products based on user feedback, industry trends, and a variety of other factors.  For Spring ’22, Salesforce is delivering innovations focused on seamless user experiences that empower your organization to work smarter so that you can create success from anywhere.

While the official release notes are short, 50,000-foot overviews of all the enhancements and new features, the information can still be difficult for the average Joe (or Jane) to fully grasp.  So, to get you ready for the launch of this huge release, we thought we’d break down some of our favorite new features in plain English.  Keep in mind, unless we mention otherwise, all the items below will be Generally Available at launch.  So as our good friend Matty would say…



Let’s start with updates to the Salesforce Platform!


Overall Salesforce Updates

 Every release recently seems to up the ante on updates for flows and Spring ’22 is no exception. Some of the coolest ones that we can’t wait to start using are:

Flow Orchestrator

·     Deploy Orchestrations in Two Ways– Changesets or packaging can now be used to transition your orchestration and any associated flows between two separate orgs.

o   Change Sets – If you plan on using separate changesets to send changes between orgs, you’ll need to activate any referenced flows before the orchestration is created or deployed or it won’t be able to use them.

o   Packages – When using a package to relocate your orchestration, we recommend using a sandbox to first create and debug it. Then, when you’re happy with it, package it up and deploy it to prod with confidence.

Flow Builder

·     Run Order of Record-Triggered Flows – Now you can declaratively configure flow run orders without a ton of complexity to ensure consistent results by setting a numbered “trigger order” for each flow.

·     See Flow Triggers Clearly– Now you can visualize all your flows that are associated with a particular object and when they run.  For instance, now you can quickly see all the flows triggered by updating an Opportunity record or updating a case record. This helps you with the next update too!

·     Layout elements Automatically – The new default Auto-Layout canvas and its new set of user templates positions, spaces, aligns, and connects elements automatically which saves you time and lets you focus on more important issues!


Sales Cloud Updates

Collaborative Forecasts

Collaborative Forecasts give users a powerful tool to help them plan end-to-end sales cycles and create highly realistic sales forecasts.  Salesforce is adding even more functionality for Lightning Experience users in the Spring ’22 release with features like:

·  Get KPI Data Faster – Two, new ready-to-use columns for Pipeline Coverage and Gap to Quota in the forecasting grid make it easier than ever to streamline metric calculations.

·  See the Big Picture – Thanks to visualizations like week-over-week forecast changes and new custom filters, you’ll be able to pivot your strategies sooner and get ahead of the competition.

·  Spend Less Time on Setup – With the improved interface and Forecast Types and Settings now on a single page, the setup has never been easier.

Revenue Intelligence

While Revenue Intelligence is a paid extra instead of Generally Available, this add-on merits inclusion in our list of favorite features given the horsepower it brings to the table to help sales teams build stronger pipelines and generate greater revenue.  Combining the power of Tableau dashboards, Einstein AI, and more, you’ll be able to leverage easily understood dashboards and pipeline reports to help your sales teams win big deals with confidence.

·  Build Stronger Pipelines and Generate Greater Revenue – Designed to help sales teams gain performance insights and build stronger pipelines, Revenue Insights enables improved forecast accuracy and revenue generation with three, new embedded dashboards: Overview, Team Performance, and Sales Performance.

·   See Pipeline Changes as They Happen – Making it easy to find and see the data that’s most useful to them quickly, Pipeline Inspection enables users to filter results and see changes to opportunities in different forecast categories over time right from the Flow tab.


Experience Cloud Enhancements

From contact centers to storefronts, Experience Cloud can help integrate data from a variety of sources, build personalized experiences, increase engagement, and more!  These new enhancements and features for Experience Cloud will help customers engage and grow their communities!

Maintenance & Support

·  Archive Old Experience Cloud Sites – While you previously couldn’t archive old Experience Cloud sites you can now save up to 100 sites and they won’t count against your active site limit.  This is great for digital hoarders (like us) who always think that old site will come in handy… someday.  To be able to reactivate a site, Salesforce Customer Support will need to enable the “Archive Site” feature for you.

·  Support More Site Members – Are you looking to grow your site members but don’t want to buy more licenses?  You’re in luck because Community Plus and Partner Community licenses with account role optimization now support 4X more site members and Community licenses support 6X more site members.

·  Provide Easier Access with Slack – Now Slack can act as the authentication provider for single sign-on (SSO) so your users can save time and clicks as well as access their protected Slack data in Salesforce, all with the Slack credentials.

Workforce Engagement for Call Centers

·  Manage Shifts More Equitably – From updating shifts in bulk and assigning agents to shifts in batches to creating scheduling rules to limit inconvenient shifts, leaders can establish more equitable scheduling at scale and create happier more engaged team members. 

·  Plan and Forecast Farther – Both long-term forecasts and capacity planning now have horizons of 52 weeks versus the previous 12-week limit.


Einstein Enhancements

Einstein search has become an out-of-the-box mainstay for a vast majority of Salesforce users.  With the Spring ’22 release, Einstein is getting even smarter with updates like:

Leverage Natural Language Search with Tasks – Einstein has had Natural Language Search (NLS) for a while but the Spring ’22 release adds the ability to enter NLS queries for task objects such as “my tasks this week.”

Differentiate Users & Groups with Profile Images – Much like LinkedIn search, Einstein is adding instant results and record previews with profile images to help you find what you’re searching for faster.  The images are supported by people and groups by default and can be enabled for social accounts, contacts, and leads for Twitter.

These Einstein updates are available in Lightning Experience for Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions of Salesforce.


Wrap Up

 So, there you have it.  While not an exhaustive list (that’s why you read the ACTUAL release notes), we hope you have a better sense of some of the exciting things coming your way in Salesforce’s Spring ’22 release.

If you’re a Salesforce user or prospect and you need help understanding or implementing these features, we’d love to chat with you.  Contact us today to set up a FREE consultation with our team.

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