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Questions To Ask A Potential Salesforce PDO

Mar 28 · 5 min read

Selecting a Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) can be challenging. You have to go through a series of interviews to ensure you understand the full scope of services each PDO offers while also trying to evaluate the depth of the PDO’s expertise. 


You need to ask the right questions when considering potential Salesforce PDO. Sometimes ISVs do not ask in-depth questions on the process upfront and end up hiring a Salesforce PDO that is not the right fit. With this in mind, we created this short list of important questions to ask a Salesforce PDO partner. These questions can guide you through the decision-making process to find the right Salesforce PDO partner for your product. 


Here are some questions to ask a potential Salesforce PDO partner:

  1. What is the current status of your Salesforce certification? 
  2. How can you help me assess the market opportunity for my product? 
  3. Do you do any competitive landscape analysis as part of your services? 
  4. How do you get us set up as a Salesforce ISV? 
  5. What is included in your application architecture? 
  6. What does your managed package development look like?
  7. How do you manage DevOps setup & management? 
  8. Do you do end-to-end application prototyping, and if so, can you describe it?
  9. What is your release management process? 
  10. How do you incorporate design thinking into your development process?
  11. How often have you failed the security review on the first attempt?
  12. Do you offer full-service quality assurance (QA) testing? 
  13. How well do you know Salesforce? 
  14. Can you give me examples of other apps you have built for ISVs? 
  15. How many apps do you currently have on AppExchange? 
  16. What is your role in product ownership? 
  17. Will you dedicate staffing to the entire project and not swap out staff mid-stream?
  18. What is the level of experience of the project team you would assign to my product? 
  19. Do you have dedicated time for functional and technical experts to plan out the scope as contracted?
  20. Do you have success criteria for all the work to be done? How do you define what ‘being done’ entails?
  21. Do you report on scope completed, scope remaining to complete, estimated completion date, budget remaining, and risks in regular status intervals?
  22. What does launch and post-launch look like?
  23. What other challenges do you foresee?  
  24. What guarantees do you offer to ensure that the project finishes within a reasonable time and budget?
  25. Can you integrate other 3rd party tools if needed?
  26. What is your customer satisfaction rating?


A reputable PDO should be able to answer these questions with ease. If not, that may be a red flag as these are pretty basic questions regarding product ownership and development. 


theCodery has a proven track record of solving problems and streamlining complexity in the Salesforce ecosystem for ISVs. Many ISVs have experienced a positive product launch when working with theCodery. They have indicated that they have seen shorter time to delivery and lower costs to launch with our services. Additionally, we guarantee a security review pass on the first submission and ensure secure development on the Salesforce platform. We leverage best-practice and well-known design patterns that are customized to fit the needs of each ISV. 


If you want to learn more about theCodery and our PDO services,  please reach out to us at: 


theCodery’s PDO service for ISVs: Achieve accelerated speed-to-market, meaningful user engagement, and high growth for your Salesforce AppExchange product by leveraging our product lifecycle expertise and Salesforce architecture acumen coupled with our proven PDO delivery methodology.

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