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Salesforce Invites theCodery and Other Tech Firms to Join Advisory Board

Mar 07 · 5 min read

We are excited to announce that Salesforce has invited our Managing Partner for Technology Strategy, Robert Jacques, to join the inaugural Salesforce Product Development Outsourcing (PDO) Partner Advisory Board. The focus of this advisory board will be to help Salesforce better understand the perspectives of Product Development partners with respect to the Salesforce product roadmap. Additionally, the board will provide members an open forum to share insights and feedback directly to Salesforce as well as network and collaborate with each other.

“I was honored to be asked to join the inaugural board team,” said Managing Partner for Technology Strategy, Robert Jacques. “Salesforce has always been an ecosystem of inclusion and collaboration focused on driving customer success and I’m confident this board will continue that tradition,” he added.

For those unfamiliar with PDOs, Salesforce Product Development Outsourcers are consulting companies that are experienced in creating commercial applications for Salesforce’s AppExchange. PDOs are typically aligned by industry and cloud product expertise to support their clients with product expertise, development, and technical support.  A reputable PDO can help clients, also known as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), create success for their customers via best practice user experience design and roadmap strategies. Typically, ISVs can save time, money, and headaches when they engage such a partner.

For example, clients of theCodery, can:

  • Extend their solutions to new audiences within the Salesforce ecosystem

  • Launch a successful solution natively built on Salesforce

  • Drive customer adoption by ensuring a seamless Salesforce user experience that easily scales with their growth

  • Minimize their time-to-market by leveraging our deep experience in navigating the complexity of the Salesforce ecosystem from product and sales relationships to legal and technology.

  • Eliminate costly and fatal mistakes by leveraging proven ISV architecture patterns that will perform in any Salesforce org

  • Create a successful go-to-market strategy with Salesforce product management and field alignment

  • Pass the Salesforce ISV Security Review with ease

Members of the Salesforce Product Development Outsourcing Partner Advisory Board were nominated and selected on an invitation-only basis.  The group plans to meet quarterly over the next two years and will provide open and honest feedback as well as insight into trends facing their various industries.  Additionally, Salesforce anticipates working groups will be formed by the board to address specific areas of customer need or focus.

“The Partner Advisory Board will also help theCodery have greater insight into Salesforce’s strategic initiatives and vision at the earliest possible stage,” said Jacques. “This early access will allow us to better anticipate and plan how these initiatives can be leveraged for the benefit of our customers.  It’s a win-win!”

If you’re ready to engage with a strategic Salesforce PDO, we’re here for you! Whether it’s creating a new revenue stream on the Salesforce AppExchange or helping you fix an app that another consulting firm botched (our specialty), our team of Salesforce strategists, UX designers, developers, technical architects, and solution engineers will dive deep into your business and help you create a secure, scalable solution for your customers that helps you see ROI quickly!

theCodery is a U.S.-based, full-service Salesforce Consulting Partner. As a remote-first organization, we deliver Product Development Outsourcing (PDO) and Systems Implementation (SI) services to clients in the High Tech, Retail, and Healthcare industries nationwide.  We focus on helping clients delight their customers through better self-service, automation, integration, and deeper engagement in Marketing, Sales, and Service processes.

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