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What Is A Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer?

Oct 28 · 5 min read

Many high tech, SaaS, or high growth companies look for ways to tap into the Salesforce ecosystem because it is a highly profitable marketplace with over 150,000 customers and millions of users. But many people don’t know where to start. This blog can help you understand some of the basics, starting with “What is a Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)?”

Background on Salesforce

Salesforce is a Fortune 500, US-based cloud computing company launched in 1999. The company has more than 150,000 customers worldwide and more than 20,000 employees; with their core value proposition being a unified view of the customer.  Because of Salesforce, businesses no longer need a disparate niche or on-premesis software to manage their customer relationships. Instead, Salesforce unites customer interactions in one integrated system for a holistic view of the customer.

Salesforce is the most well-known CRM company in the market because its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are critical for helping businesses engage and understand their customers. Additionally, Salesforce has invested heavily in the ecosystem that supports its SaaS business. Salesforce’s AppExchange has over 4000 apps for clients to download, plus has a team of experts to help companies solve all their problems. One reason for Salesforce AppExchange’s success over the years is their use of Salesforce Product Development Outsourcers (PDO) to help them better provide technical support to their clients.

What is a Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)?

Salesforce Product Development Outsourcers (known as PDOs) are consulting companies that are experienced in creating commercial applications. They are typically aligned by industry and cloud product expertise to support companies with product expertise, development, and technical support.  A notable PDO can help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) shape positive business value with their customers from the Salesforce software ecosystem, known as the Salesforce AppExchange.  Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can reap success if they integrate their existing solutions or create new ones for the AppExchange marketplace. Salesforce Consultants with deep experience in creating apps for AppExchange can help ISVs save time, money, and headaches.

Salesforce PDOs are fully aware of how the Salesforce system works and can build apps to serve multiple lines of business across various organizations. Salesforce PDOs need to have a deep Salesforce knowledge base, a history of excellent project delivery, and a commitment to quality for product development services.  Since most PDOs use solid configuration and UX design patterns with native Salesforce frameworks, the use of a PDO can enhance an ISV’s odds of delivering an exceptional product.

For example, one of the trickiest parts of getting listed on the AppExchange is mastering the security review process. Before an application can be listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, it must pass through a security review to check how well the solution protects customer data, among other things. This process can be tedious. PDOs have the experience to know what is needed to pass the review and can save ISVs time. Most ISVs not using a PDO have to deal with failed reviews and continuously resubmit until it passes.

Why Use a Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)?

Using a PDO has multiple benefits, here are just a few:

Shortcut Time and Cost
It is quicker and cheaper to use a PDO to manage your project. You will pay less in the long run, and your app will be on the market in a shorter time frame.
Guaranteed Security Review Pass
Your PDO will handle the entire security review process, heightening the chances of you attaining success for your product faster.
Development on Salesforce
PDOs must have expertise in ideation, product support, package review, and optimization, plus they leverage several well-known Salesforce design patterns. This level of competence will increase your app’s chance of successfully being added to the AppExchange in a minimal amount of time.

Why Consider Using theCodery as your Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)? 

With theCodery, you will see faster time-to-market, purposeful user engagement, and accelerated growth for your Salesforce AppExchange product through our trusted delivery methodology, Salesforce architecture expertise, and comprehensive product life cycle approach.

Broader your product into Salesforce AppExchange and expand into a new market with a partner that helps you find the optimal product-market fit.
Create a successful business with a custom product designed with results-minded KPIs and natively built on Salesforce.
Drive customer adoption by ensuring a seamless Salesforce customer experience that scales as you grow.
Accelerate your speed-to-market by a partner with years of experience in navigating the Salesforce environment – product, sales relationships, legal, and technology.
Avoid costly mistakes by leveraging proven ISV architecture patterns that will perform in any Salesforce org.
Establish a robust go-to-market strategy with a partner that has solid Salesforce field and product management alignment.
Pass through security review. Our goal is always to get you passed through on the first try. Nonetheless, we guarantee you’ll pass through security review.

About theCodery

theCodery understands the challenges in modern tech stacks. We have developed a personalized approach for each Salesforce Cloud implementation while leveraging our deep been-there-done-that and best-practice expertise to ensure you get the most value from your Salesforce deployment.  We take an agile approach with all development, optimization, and integration projects.  Whether you are trying to broaden your engineering and development capabilities, reduce technical debt, integrate tools you are unfamiliar with, or create new applications, theCodery has a proven track record of solving problems and streamlining complexity.

If you have any questions for theCodery about our team, our process, or the clients, please reach out to us at:

theCodery: Accelerate your time-to-value on Salesforce with a trusted partner that delivers scalable architectures that are tailored to delight your customers.

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