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Jun 16, 2022
Salesforce Product Owner

Do you see yourself as a digital sherpa helping clients to the summit of success on the Salesforce AppExchange? Can you identify potential market opportunities that will impact a client's application concept and development roadmap?

App Design • App Development • AppExchange • Careers • Client Facing • Full-time • ISV • Project Management • Remote Friendly • Salesforce Jobs
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Jun 05, 2022
Remote Salesforce Solution Architect II (SA II)

Are you a stan for Functional Architecture design and implementation of Salesforce projects? Do you constantly seek to understand the most critical objectives, processes, and feedback from a client, before even thinking about possible solutions?

Careers • Client Facing • Full-time • Project Management • Remote Friendly • Salesforce Jobs • Solution Architect
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Jun 01, 2022
Remote Salesforce Technical Architect (TA)

Are you the type of person who loves to set up and manage DevOps projects for fun? Can you hold your own when working with a ninja-like team to design and build elegant Salesforce solutions that meet and exceed the client’s business objectives?

Careers • Client Facing • Full-time • Remote Friendly • Salesforce Jobs • Technical Architect
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